Thursday, October 5, 2017

Day 4

Thursday! Today is probably my personal favorite day of Nature's Classroom. We play the most epic game of Predator vs. Prey (ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE HUAHH!) and then we have Thursday Night Live (TNL) for our evening activity. Kids put on skits to entertain each other and make everyone laugh. New friendships have been created all week and it's such a nice ending to our experience here at Nature's Classroom.

Today's meal choices were scrambled eggs, sausage patties, fruit, cereal, and homefries (or as the kids say, "tater tots"). For lunch we had pizza and caesar salad. For dinner we filled up on barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. I think it's safe to say that no one has starved here this week :)

As if we weren't already exhausted, we went on field groups for an hour today and also took classes. Some choices were Ice Wars, Sheep Heart Dissection, Frog Dissection, Seed Racers, It's You Write, and Nature Art!

One of my favorite parts of being here is all the new friendships I see being made over the week. kids from Lincoln-Thompson, Aborn and Callahan all connect throughout the week. I also love seeing how some of my own students have been together since kindergarten, but really bond during this time. 

We have had so much fun this week, but we can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!

The ORT Report 

Sarah dissecting a frog 
My new friends from Aborn!

Frog dissection!

Callahan cool kids :)

Predator vs. Prey!!!


The winning osprey team!

Ice Wars

Lukas dissecting a sheep heart

Nature's Classroom has tired out Nathan and Lucas :)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 3

We are already halfway done with our trip! Breakfast this morning was DELICIOUS! We had fruit, cereal, french toast, and bacon (although some didn't eat the bacon after that pig dissection yesterday...)

After breakfast, we participated in various classes. Some choice were Bug Hunt, Leave No Trace, Rat Dissection, Camo and Stalking, Book Making, It's the Law, and Rollercoasters. 

Later, we got all ready for our 4 hour hike! Some kids made it all the way to the old abandoned airstrip! We even enjoyed s'mores after our packed lunch.

For dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs! For dessert we had cake! 

For our evening activities we participated in Back to Basics. We made butter, wove looms, played rock games, and more!

Alanee and Jerrik made sure to ask when bedtime was tonight so I'm sure I'll be sleeping well :)

We are having a blast, but definitely missing all our friends and family at home!

Leave No Trace enjoying the view

Nathan, Sarah, and Jayla at Bug Hunt

Alanee being a camo pro!

Kiya being a camo pro!

Alanee and our new friend at breakfast

Christian at Butter Churning! 
Janet and Ashley playing GaGa ball

Ana and Kyra on beautiful Lake Ossipee

Mrs. Dobias in her natural habitat :)

Camp Cody!

Jerrik "testifying" in law class

Kiya and Ana at dinner

What great friends Agustin and Sophia are! 
Ashley, Meadow, and Gerson dissecting a rat!

Mrs. Dobias and Miss K!

Kyra churning butter!

Sarah and Ana playing a rock game!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 2

Kids were so tired this morning! It's hard to get up when you've been jumping on beds all night :) I made sure to let them stay up so tonight we all sleep well!

There were so many options for breakfast this morning. We had cereal, pancakes, fruit, and pork sausage. Our ORT count was 6 pounds! It was probably higher today due to all the syrup left over on plates.

After breakfast, we had field groups for two hours where the kids learned team building skills, how to camouflage, and other various skills. 

Of course played soccer, basketball, and volleyball while waiting for our fun classes to start! Today's choices were Pig Dissection, Feed Your Face, Animotion, WWF, Survivor, Smashing Rocks, Building a Civilization, Owl Pellet Dissection, Jelly Bellyology, Atomic Ice, Rock Jewelry, Explore Your Senses, and The Trial of the Lorax. So many to choose from! My personal favorite was building a civilization!

In between classes we had lunch which was Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread with peas. The salad bar was also a huge hit!

For dinner, it was Taco Tuesday! Our ORT went back down to 4 pounds... awesome!

Later, kids went on the Night Hike Experience which is probably a big Nature's Classroom favorite. 

I can't wait for quiet sing and bedtime! We are pooped!

Anaise, Agustin, Christian, and Gerson building a civilization!

Tyzaiah holding a fetal pig heart during dissection

Jaylen, Agustin, Janet, and Kyra having fun during T time

Lucas holding a fetal pig heart

Teachers enjoying coffee this morning!


Antonio learning to survive in the wilderness

Selfie with Christian!

Breakfast choices!

Pig Dissection Class

How teachers relax during break times :) 

Jaylen eating dessert!

More breakfast choices


Kiya and Meadow during positive share 

Lukas, "before" his facial!

Alanee "during" her banana and honey facial!

Jaylen smashing rocks!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 1

October 2, 2017

We have arrived in beautiful Freedom, New Hampshire!

Everyone was excited as we pulled away from Callahan, ready to experience Nature's Classroom. On the bus, we watched Man of the House, a throwback favorite for Miss K and myself :)

While you're visiting my page, feel free to check out Mr. Eddy's blog for more pictures and fun! Aborn Nature's Classroom

After arriving, we played games on the field and learned our new teacher's names. The field was also filled with butterflies!

Monarch Butterfly
For lunch, we had tomato soup, grilled cheese, and french fries! For students who didn't like those choices, there was sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwiches, a salad bar, and fruit! I sat with Tyzaiah and Anaise and we had a great time. Tyzaiah was also our "waitron" for dinner, so he was the leader of our table (but also had to clean it :) ). 

Ty and Anaise at dinner time.

Tonight, we had a science fair where we learned about magnets, slime, volume, and much more!

Afterwards, we will have "quiet sing" which calms the kids down after a long day of playing.
Molecular Structure


Peabody lighting a dollar bill on fire
Magnet Station
Slime Station
Flying Lanterns
Girls being silly at Comanche
Sunset on Lake Ossipee
Playing sports during transition time

Sports during T Time