Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 2

Kids were so tired this morning! It's hard to get up when you've been jumping on beds all night :) I made sure to let them stay up so tonight we all sleep well!

There were so many options for breakfast this morning. We had cereal, pancakes, fruit, and pork sausage. Our ORT count was 6 pounds! It was probably higher today due to all the syrup left over on plates.

After breakfast, we had field groups for two hours where the kids learned team building skills, how to camouflage, and other various skills. 

Of course played soccer, basketball, and volleyball while waiting for our fun classes to start! Today's choices were Pig Dissection, Feed Your Face, Animotion, WWF, Survivor, Smashing Rocks, Building a Civilization, Owl Pellet Dissection, Jelly Bellyology, Atomic Ice, Rock Jewelry, Explore Your Senses, and The Trial of the Lorax. So many to choose from! My personal favorite was building a civilization!

In between classes we had lunch which was Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread with peas. The salad bar was also a huge hit!

For dinner, it was Taco Tuesday! Our ORT went back down to 4 pounds... awesome!

Later, kids went on the Night Hike Experience which is probably a big Nature's Classroom favorite. 

I can't wait for quiet sing and bedtime! We are pooped!

Anaise, Agustin, Christian, and Gerson building a civilization!

Tyzaiah holding a fetal pig heart during dissection

Jaylen, Agustin, Janet, and Kyra having fun during T time

Lucas holding a fetal pig heart

Teachers enjoying coffee this morning!


Antonio learning to survive in the wilderness

Selfie with Christian!

Breakfast choices!

Pig Dissection Class

How teachers relax during break times :) 

Jaylen eating dessert!

More breakfast choices


Kiya and Meadow during positive share 

Lukas, "before" his facial!

Alanee "during" her banana and honey facial!

Jaylen smashing rocks!

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  1. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time while learning valuable lessons! Such a great experience for our students! Kudos, Mrs. Dobias, for putting it all together and posting this wonderful blog. I feel like we are on the adventure with you all!