Friday, November 18, 2016

The Last Day, 2016

What an excellent week this has been! We couldn't have been luckier with the weather in Freedom.

The kids stayed up a little late last night, packing, and talking about how much fun they've had while they were here. Favorite field group leaders included Yma, Lindsay Biscuits, Beyonce, and Moose Jackson, although they all were excellent! They were so funny last night at TNL!

We will arrive at school at 2:30 PM. 

Parents, please stay in the school yard close the the ramp door. The students from Callahan and Lincoln-Thompson will take ALL the luggage from the bus and bring it behind the fence. From there, we will dismiss students. We want to make sure no one's belongings get lost. Thank you for your cooperation!

Jonathan at Positive Share!

ORT Report!

Kielyann with her awesome chair, donated from Stepping Stones for Stella

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 4

Can't believe it's already Thursday! This week has been long, but so much fun!

For breakfast, we had bagels with cream cheese, eggs, bacon, cereal, granola, and fresh fruit. Our ORT (make sure to ask your kids what that means) was about 3 pounds. We have been doing well, but have not hit our goal of 1 pound yet!

After that, we played an EPIC game of tag called Predator vs. Prey. It was so fun to connect what we've learned in science class to a fun game. 

For lunch we had steak sandwiches, watermelon, and chips. It was probably one of the favorite lunches for the kids. After a small break, we played some "Ga-Ga" ball, which is an Israeli dodgeball game. 

Classes this afternoon were Search and Destroy, Tree Tag, Frog Dissection, She's a Witch, WWF Animal Battle, Hippy Class :) It is so much fun to see all the kids participate in classes that they choose. The amount of engagement is definitely a joy to see. We are already hearing kids saying they don't want to go home tomorrow :)

Tonight we will have "Thursday Night Live"! Kids and staff will all perform skits. It is probably one of the most fun activities at Nature's Classroom! 

Yaritza and Emilly love Predator vs. Prey!

Who is a Witch?

Kielyann and the best NC teacher, Y-ma!

Elijah cleans at NC!

Dylan checking out the IALAC Board

Yaritza doing a positive share

Mahlik and his best bud, "Beyonce"

Dylan at Dinner!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 3

How is it already Wednesday? We are having so much fun here! Luckily the rain held off yesterday until about dinner time, and it was only a little drizzly this morning. The kids are all bundled up with their ponchos and rain boots. Such a funny sight! 

The rain didn't stop them from having a blast at "Back to Basics". Kids learned about how people lived before modern machinery and technology. Groups included rope making, oral storytelling, javelin throwing, making a fire using friction, and drawing using ink and sticks. 

We ended our night last night with quiet sing which was such a joy to watch. You can tell how much the Nature's Classroom teachers love their jobs and working with our kids. Afterwards, bedtime came very early. The kids were nice and tired, and teachers were very happy :)

Night Sing!

This morning for breakfast, we had french toast, yogurt, granola, cereal, fruit, and sausage. It was great! After breakfast the kids signed up for classes such as Pig Dissection, Ice Wars, Burma Bridge, Wood Furniture, and Zen Stuff.

Afterwards, they packed up their bagged lunches and headed off to the mountains for their long hike. They made campfires, roasted marshmallows, and explored an old abandoned air strip! Teachers got a nice break for a few hours to relax :)

For our night activity we had an awesome hike and trekked through the woods using only our ears and feet to guide us. It was so much fun listening to the sounds of nature and adjusting our eyes to the world around us. I can't help but think about all the experiences so many kids are getting that they have not had before. It makes my teacher heart so full! 

As I sit here writing this, I can see how tired the kids are as they finish up night sing. Hopefully they go to sleep early tonight! ;)

Dinner selfie!
Positive Share

Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 2

We survived the first night! We got ready and lined up for breakfast nice and early! Our "waitrons" set up the tables and served us our meals. Breakfast consisted of pancakes, bacon, fruit, and cereal. This week's ORT report has been very low, only about 4 pounds per meal.

After breakfast, the kids went to field groups and learned about camouflage. Mahlik found a bug and had a great time scaring people with it, including Mrs. Foster, principal of Lincoln Thompson! We celebrated Mr. Belliveau's birthday and had a great lunch of pizza and caesar salad.

Afternoon class options were pigeon dissection, bottle rockets, farm to table, making soap, in the woods, Non newtonian physics, Camouflage, Huckin Schtuff, Thor, Rollercoasters, and Improv. 

Tonight we will have "Back to Basics" where students will learn how early settlers used to survive. Let's see if anyone will be successful at making butter :)
Waitron Jonathan set the table and is ready for breakfast.

All lined up and ready for breakfast!
Mr. B's birthday lunch
Yaritza and Kielyann making bottle rockets
Destiny and Austin at soap making class
Gracemar dissecting a pigeon
Mahlik making a bottle rocket
Alejandro, Marcus, and Tyler making rockets
Alberto, Dylan, and Jonathan dissecting a pigeon
Reid and Elijah creating a farm to table restaurant
Mahlik scaring Mrs. Foster with a plastic bug

Day 1

We have arrived! It was nice to share the bus with Lincoln Thompson School! So many students will make new friends while we are here, and reconnect with them next year at Breed Middle School. 

Our bus ride was filled with an "educational" video, Troop Beverly Hills :) The kids did not enjoy it was much as the teachers did! We unloaded our belongings, ran to the field and began playing games to get to know the field group leaders. After games, students separated by cabin and learned how to respect one another and their surroundings. They talked about making sure everyone gets their sleep at night and cleaning up after themselves. All useful life lessons here at Nature's Classroom! 

Lunch was delicious tomato soup and grilled cheese, complete with a salad bar and fruit. We only had 4 pounds of ORT! That might be a Nature's Classroom record!

Students took some special interest classes this afternoon, including rock skipping science, animotion, and egg drop. At the science fair, students lit a $1 bill on fire, created rocket caps, and did bubble experiments!

If you want to check out Aborn School's blog, check out: 

All bundled up and ready to go!

Sarah, our Nature's Classroom Principal talking to the students

Tyler, participating in Animotion

Elijah at the Science Fair
"Beyonce" teaching about the scientific method
Skipping Rocks over beautiful Lake Ossipee
Kiow-awesome girls!