Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 2

We survived the first night! We got ready and lined up for breakfast nice and early! Our "waitrons" set up the tables and served us our meals. Breakfast consisted of pancakes, bacon, fruit, and cereal. This week's ORT report has been very low, only about 4 pounds per meal.

After breakfast, the kids went to field groups and learned about camouflage. Mahlik found a bug and had a great time scaring people with it, including Mrs. Foster, principal of Lincoln Thompson! We celebrated Mr. Belliveau's birthday and had a great lunch of pizza and caesar salad.

Afternoon class options were pigeon dissection, bottle rockets, farm to table, making soap, in the woods, Non newtonian physics, Camouflage, Huckin Schtuff, Thor, Rollercoasters, and Improv. 

Tonight we will have "Back to Basics" where students will learn how early settlers used to survive. Let's see if anyone will be successful at making butter :)
Waitron Jonathan set the table and is ready for breakfast.

All lined up and ready for breakfast!
Mr. B's birthday lunch
Yaritza and Kielyann making bottle rockets
Destiny and Austin at soap making class
Gracemar dissecting a pigeon
Mahlik making a bottle rocket
Alejandro, Marcus, and Tyler making rockets
Alberto, Dylan, and Jonathan dissecting a pigeon
Reid and Elijah creating a farm to table restaurant
Mahlik scaring Mrs. Foster with a plastic bug


  1. Happy Birthday.🎂, Mr. B.! Those activities sound really interesting, can't wait to hear about them. SO jealous!

  2. Hi! I'm Alejandro's mom. Its nice to hear all the things they are doing day by day. Thanks for keeping us posted. I look forward to hear how the next days will follow.

    1. Thanks for checking up on us! We are having a blast.

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    3. Hi GuYs! Looks like your having a blast.Can't wait to hear all about it.- Lucas's Mom