Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 1

We have arrived! It was nice to share the bus with Lincoln Thompson School! So many students will make new friends while we are here, and reconnect with them next year at Breed Middle School. 

Our bus ride was filled with an "educational" video, Troop Beverly Hills :) The kids did not enjoy it was much as the teachers did! We unloaded our belongings, ran to the field and began playing games to get to know the field group leaders. After games, students separated by cabin and learned how to respect one another and their surroundings. They talked about making sure everyone gets their sleep at night and cleaning up after themselves. All useful life lessons here at Nature's Classroom! 

Lunch was delicious tomato soup and grilled cheese, complete with a salad bar and fruit. We only had 4 pounds of ORT! That might be a Nature's Classroom record!

Students took some special interest classes this afternoon, including rock skipping science, animotion, and egg drop. At the science fair, students lit a $1 bill on fire, created rocket caps, and did bubble experiments!

If you want to check out Aborn School's blog, check out: 

All bundled up and ready to go!

Sarah, our Nature's Classroom Principal talking to the students

Tyler, participating in Animotion

Elijah at the Science Fair
"Beyonce" teaching about the scientific method
Skipping Rocks over beautiful Lake Ossipee
Kiow-awesome girls!


  1. Yeah!! Thank you for keeping us posted!! Have a great time

  2. Hope everyone is enjoying their trip?! Remember to read for 30 minutes every night (lol).

    Mrs. Samuelson

  3. I love Mrs. Samuelson! Thank you thank you for sharing special moments with our children. Have a wonderful time. Angelina mom loves you to the moon & back