Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 4

Can't believe it's already Thursday! This week has been long, but so much fun!

For breakfast, we had bagels with cream cheese, eggs, bacon, cereal, granola, and fresh fruit. Our ORT (make sure to ask your kids what that means) was about 3 pounds. We have been doing well, but have not hit our goal of 1 pound yet!

After that, we played an EPIC game of tag called Predator vs. Prey. It was so fun to connect what we've learned in science class to a fun game. 

For lunch we had steak sandwiches, watermelon, and chips. It was probably one of the favorite lunches for the kids. After a small break, we played some "Ga-Ga" ball, which is an Israeli dodgeball game. 

Classes this afternoon were Search and Destroy, Tree Tag, Frog Dissection, She's a Witch, WWF Animal Battle, Hippy Class :) It is so much fun to see all the kids participate in classes that they choose. The amount of engagement is definitely a joy to see. We are already hearing kids saying they don't want to go home tomorrow :)

Tonight we will have "Thursday Night Live"! Kids and staff will all perform skits. It is probably one of the most fun activities at Nature's Classroom! 

Yaritza and Emilly love Predator vs. Prey!

Who is a Witch?

Kielyann and the best NC teacher, Y-ma!

Elijah cleans at NC!

Dylan checking out the IALAC Board

Yaritza doing a positive share

Mahlik and his best bud, "Beyonce"

Dylan at Dinner!


  1. WOw! Pedator vs. Prey and She is a Witch, 2 of my favorite games! I would not want to come back either. Wouldn't it be great to do this every day?! However, I am looking forward to seeing my little cherubs. I am happy to hear that everyone has enjoyed themselves. A wonderful memory for everyone.

  2. I can't wait to see my boy tomorrow and hear all the great stories! Thank you Mrs Dobias, Mr S. and all the staff and teachers for doing this awesome thing for our kids!!!

  3. Today is the day!! I miss my Mario. I can't wait to hear all about his adventures. I am so proud of him. This experience is awesome. Thank you Mr. Sucharawicz and Mrs.Dobias aND all of the Camp Cody staffordable for taking care of our children.
    See you soon